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The Living Legends of Comedy


Upcoming Events

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Genetti's Hotel & Conference Center

77 E. Main Street

Wilkes Barre, P.A. 18701

Phone: (570) 823-6152

December 23, 2023

8PM Show Time


Timbers - 55 Plus


January 10, 2024

8PM Show Time


4657 S Oates St.

Dothan, AL 36301

Phone: (334) 793-6937

January 11, 2024

8PM Show Time

The Moon

1105 E Lafayette St.

Tallahassee, FL 32301

Phone: (850) 878-6900

January 12, 2024

8PM Show Time


77 E. Main Street

Wilkes Barre, P.A. 18701

Phone: (570) 823-6152

January 13, 2024

8PM Show Time


77 E. Main Street

Tampa, FL 18701

Phone: (570) 823-6152

January 15, 2024

8PM Show Time

T J Carney's

231 W Venice Ave.

Venice, FL 34285

Phone: (941) 480-9244

January 18, 2024 - Tickets $20.00

8PM Show Time

Krueger Enrichment Center

392 Beverly Ct.

Spring Hill, FL 34606

Phone: (570) 823-6152

January 19/20, 2024

8PM Show Time

Updates as of July 1, 2023 I Will no longer be touring or performing in clubs. However I will be speaking and performing at corporate events. I will tour with The Living Legends Of Comedy with Jimmy JJ Walker & Artie Fletcher and will update with any upcoming dates. I do consulting for theaters and hotels. I really don't need any money I have medicare-401K SAG-AFTRA income from my bands. I have been offered another book deal. Thinking about it.


Some stats you will enjoy!

  • Sales on my merchandising worldwide

  • Cassettes - 18,000

  • CDS - 32,000

  • DVDS - 14,000

  • T-SHIRTS - 64,000

  • And my book - 328,000


All this worldwide, so there is some of me everywhere.


I am going to focus for my remaining time on all my bands. They have worked hard and now I will finish what I started. This is how an artist retires, on his terms.

I think it's time to date again, it's been 9 years. I want to travel with someone, doing things together.


I want to thank everyone for a great career. I have traveled 1.3 million miles in the air - 16 - Countries - 8 Islands - 49 states in over 450 cities. Yes I am tired.


God Bless you all!  My Managers - Agents - Promoters - Gallagher and Bob Nelson!


Other Dates coming soon. In the meantime check out my bands that I manage here: Artie Fletcher Management

  • Crossfire Creek Band

  • Lee Cole and the Wranglers

  • K-Luv and The United Funk Foundations

  • Dirty White Boys Florida

  • Big Brother Band

  • Yaya Diamond

  • Rick Derringer

The Best Talent in the State of Florida!

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